Space Sisters Press

A DRESS / Address is an ongoing collaboration between Suzanne McClelland and Alix Pearlstein. It is a series of artworks that grapples with, edits and transfers texts onto a range of garments, positing the transcript as a potent alternative to branded logo design. The garments engage with contemporary functional fashion, infusing everyday attire with embodied text in action. These wearable transcripts perform themselves.

A DRESS / AddressWhat They Asked: Christine Blasey Ford was initiated by McClelland's poster titled "Address". This work transcribes the questions that senators asked Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony to Congress in Fall 2018, onto a neoprene trench coat. 2019.

A DRESS / Address: Testimony of Anita F. Hill: OPENING STATEMENT, transcribes the entirety of her opening statement to the senate judiciary in 1991, with key remarks highlighted, onto a silk or cotton shirtdress. 2020.