Space Sisters Press

Alix Pearlstein
Band Aid Paintings

Spanning 1990 to the present, Alix Pearlstein's Band Aid Paintings developed in response to the AIDS epidemic and the fallout of the 1980's economic bubble. Issues concerning identity and the body (sex, flesh, skin, race, difference, vulnerability, protection, aging, and mortality), along with an investigation of everyday materials and form (tone, texture, surface, repetition, the grid, pattern, weaving, craft, and hand), suggested a new relationship to the objectives of Minimalism and Arte Povera. The anxiety of this current time period re-ignited thoughts around these issues from a different perspective, and offered an opportunity to recoup, refine, and adapt the structures of these established works through materials in current production. Grids of images including details or alternative views of Band Aid Paintings paired with film stills and found images are interspersed among the image plates. These collages punctuate the viewing experience and interject the body, concretely or abstractly, further underscoring the predication of the fragility and resilience of its form. 

Band Aid Paintings will be available Spring 2020.