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Every third thought

Acting as an addendum to Carol Szymanski's 2019 installation Every third thought is a broken readymade, this poster connects various theoretical and physical aspects of Szymanski's process. "In logic what is unnecessary is also useless," first penned by Ludwig Wittgenstein between 1931-34, proves a conceptual source. Szymanski re-interpreted this quote in one of her cockshut dummy email art messages in 2004 and used an unauthenticated, partially-destroyed Joseph Kosuth neon work employing the same text to create a recent installation. The poster presents her original email art message alongside a scan of the page from Wittgenstein's Philosophical Grammar where this quotation first appeared. The reverse side of the poster presents pages from the artist's index to her as-yet-unpublished book of the cockshut dummy email art project.

The 2019 installation Every third thought is a broken readymade, is on view at the Kai Matsumiya Gallery, 153 Stanton Street, NY, NY, February 6th-March 10th as part of a group exhibition "RESET".

Learn more about Szymanski's upcoming publication here.
5.00 Dollars